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Secondary / Higher Secondary


                         Mrs.Preeti H. Sharma

(M.Com.,M.Ed.;M.B.A.(Education Management))

From the desk of Principal : Manthan

A big vote of thanks to Management committee of “Chananmal Sahani Vidya Bharti English School”, who chose me for this position and responsibility.

The history of this institute is golden and prestigious 25 years old.

Mission :

Our Purpose at CSVBES is inviting and inclusive environment where we ensure that our students acquire an understanding of and ability to apply skills, demonstrate character and embrace attitudes necessary for a productive and positive life.

Vivekananda once said, “ Education is not the amount of information that is put into the brain, instead education is that process by which character is formed, strength of mind is increased and intellect is sharpened as the result of which one can stand on his own feet”.


Our vision at CSVBES is to become an exemplary community of enthusiastic life long learners who inspire and empower one another to achieve excellence while embracing  our journey toward informed and active world citizenship. Under the umbrella we want Athletics,  Band, Clinic, Drama, Guidance, Counselling, Music, Meditation, PTA, E-Library, Ex-Students,Ex-teachers.

Our school is once again joining this campaign to earn points towards sports. Our students secured 1st position in district level in Aerobics competition and now we look forward to state level and quite confident about next level in basketball too.

From the desk of principal: Chintan

I am positive to the core of my heart. My strong sense of optimism has always given me the strength to find a solution to every problem. Mission of my life is to make every student productive, purposeful and courteous.

My motto is “Think Good, Speak Good and do Good”.

I believe Principal plays a major role in developing a “Professional community” of  teachers who guide one another in improving instructions. The success can be formed in simple equation. replica watches

Hard work + Resiliency + Teamwork

Parivartan :

Today  the role of  teachers is only to supplement the knowledge of students and not teaching them anything new. Young generation is very fast and learns things faster than us. With rapid growth of technology, students are smarter and sharper. Knowledge is at their finger tips. New electronic devices make it easy for the students to access in seconds what they want. Today teacher’s role is challenging. Earlier the lesson was directly taught by teacher in class. So usually they never come up with doubts.

Today such teaching has no value. Our role has been widened to supplement or to add to the knowledge of students which is really a challenging job. Students are confused with a great flow of information and exposure. Only teachers can clear their confusion. I believe that the time may change but not students. Teacher’s relationship with students will be always a student and teacher. Teachers will be always a teacher. The depth in relationship may change with time.

Pragati :

I feel proud of my colleagues, supporting staff, parents, students and well-wishers. It is proved that the joint effort of each and everyone associated with the school can produce fabulous results.