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Date : 15-07-2015
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Mrs.Nidhi Pachchigar

Welcome to the Vidya Bharti Parivar.

We have begun with the new academic year 2016-17 with a determination to give the best ourselves to the students to make them talented in all within their walls of life.

Most of us have innumerable skills, Deep knowledge about things, treasure of other resources  and best opportunities yet only few of us succeed in life. Skills, knowledge , Talent and Wealth alone won’t make us successful.

We need them surely, but we need more.  A positive attitude to win our Battles. It is our Attitude that makes us progress in our live and Become successful in our careers.

To change our attitude we must learn to think positively whenever something negative happens to us. Try to see something good in every person and in every event.

Our environment,Education and Experience also can determine our Attitudes.

Environmental factors like our homes, school, friends, work atmosphere, media, cultural, religious, social and political situation etc. can mould our attitude.

The positive experience we have of a person event and situation also gives a positive attitude.

A person with positive attitude is caring, confident, patient, humble, cheerful, fun loving, positive, hardworking, dedicated, committed and has high expectation about one and others.

One constantly improves ones productivity, has an every approach to problems, improves effective relationship. Is highly loyal to the organisation -  Passionately contributes to its profit, reduces stress ,forms in him take risks and initiatives and takes responsibilities for the growth and performances.

Attitude affects our every aspect of replica Let us opt for a great attitude to have a great life. 

This is possible if we are resourceful and learn how to impart this among our students.