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Date : 27-07-2015
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Date : 15-07-2015
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Mr. Sheocharan Agrawal

(The Hon. Secretary)


The parents & my dear students,

Greetings for  happy and healthy life. Education is a vital aspect of life, but to live life with an aim & fruitful manner is the result of Education.

Education is not only one way teaching-learning process but it should create  enthusiasm to learn more, rise more, understand the world in a meaningful manner, to increase the hunger for knowledge  which must lead us towards peace, happiness and  ultimately  towards  salvation .

Education must give result of happy life,   healthy   thoughts and mature understanding as well as sensitivity towards society. The by-product of education must be to learn the wisdom of compromise.   It’s better to bend a little rather than to break   a   relationship forever.

The best phase of life is to be a student as we are under the cane and guidance of “Guru”. A personality enlightens us from darkness.A person can be a guru who understands.

 Gu- गुरुर

ru- रूठ गया हो

life is  to enjoy at its best

जिन्दगी न मिलेंगी दोबारा

जियो जी भर के ………….